Life Insurance


Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance provides a death benefit for your beneficiaries, if you die within the term period.  Term life insurance usually has the lowest initial cost for a given amount of coverage.  Premiums stay the same for the term of the policy you choose (Ex: 10, 20, 30 years).

Term life insurance can serve many purposes including support for financial obligations that end such as mortgages or college tuition.  Term life insurance can also provide coverage for personal debts and medical bills.

Permanent Life Insurance

Farmers Insurance provides two types of permanent life insurance.

Whole life insurance is a conservative type of permanent insurance designed to provide a lifetime of guaranteed coverage with level premiums and guaranteed cash value.  The balance of a whole life policy can help provide many financial options throughout ones lifetime.  Whole life is a great option for people with conservative risk tolerance.

Universal life is permanent insurance with flexibility in the death benefit and the amount and timing of premium payments.   You choose how much premium to pay and when to pay it.  There are a variety of riders and benefits available to tailor coverage to your individual needs.